Mix to Mobile

Stream audio from your DAW to your mobile device. Just like that.

Get real time feedback
Upgrade your workflow
Level up your music

Stop bouncing, start mixing

How many hours have you spent waiting for a bounce to finish – just because you had to transfer those music files to your phone? We’ve been there too. Frustrated. All that for a brief listen of our mix on our phone. Quality should not be time consuming. That’s why we decided to stop bouncing. With Mix to Mobile.

Stream audio to your mobile device in real time

Mix to Mobile makes it fun and easy to listen to your mix on your mobile device. You no longer have to bounce your project and send it to your phone. Just by using our plugin and app, you are now able to instantly listen to your mix in real time, get feedback and make proper adjustments. Instead of waiting, spend your time wisely: resting assured your mix sounds great on mobile.


Bonus? Mix to Mobile also enables you to quickly check how your mix sounds on your AirPods, AirPlay speakers or Bluetooth devices via mobile or iPad.

It's really that easy

Get going in three steps

  1. Place the plugin on the track you want to listen to
  2. Open the mobile app
  3. Click ‘Start listening’ on the stream you want to listen to

And you’re done.


Mixing & mastering

Using Mix to Mobile levels up your mix in seconds, providing instant feedback through your phone speakers. And because Mix to Mobile sends high quality, lossless audio to your mobile devices, you are able to make great decisions with great confidence.



Use Mix to Mobile to discover how your TV mix translates to mobile for all those at home, and perfect their experience. In the future we plan to release a standalone sender application which allows you to stream from any audio input device to your mobile.

Other applications

Get creative

Get creative! Mix to Mobile has other applications as well. Think of streaming to the audience's mobile devices, live translations or interactive art projects.



macOS 10.13 and up




Windows 10 and up




iOS 12.0 and up




Android 11 and up


How it really works

The technical stuff

The Mix to Mobile app receives high quality, low latency, lossless audio streams directly from your DAW. The separate sender plugin is available as AudioUnit, AAX & VST3 on macOS and Windows. Mix to Mobile uses your local network to send the audio to your mobile device, including WiFi. You can send and receive multiple streams simultaneously.


How to get started

  1. After purchasing the plugin, it’s only a matter of downloading the installer and letting the installer wizard work it’s magic.
  2. After that, head to the App Store and download the Mix to Mobile app.
  3. Start your favorite DAW, add the plugin to your track and open the app. Immediately, your mix will appear. All you have to do is hit ‘Start listening’, and let the music come to your ears. Literally.


Question away

  • Do I need a DAW?

    Yes, you will need a DAW. However, we are currently developing a standalone sender application that will allow you to stream directly from your audio input device to mobile devices. This means you won’t necessarily need a DAW in the future. To stay updated on the latest news about our application, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

  • The app can’t find my plugin – No streams found

    Please have a look at our dedicated support page.

  • I have a bad Wi-Fi connection, will it work?

    Mix to Mobile is designed to be a stable and reliable product, but its performance is dependent on the quality of your WiFi connection. While we have taken measures to optimize our application, the stability of your connection remains a critical factor in reducing glitches and dropouts during audio streaming. Please ensure that your WiFi connection is strong and stable when using Mix to Mobile to ensure optimal performance of our product.

  • Can I use Mix to Mobile without Wi-Fi?

    Mix to Mobile can be used without Wi-Fi by connecting your iPhone or iPad directly to your Mac using a USB cable. This feature is available on recent iOS/macOS versions and is a great option when Wi-Fi connectivity is limited or unavailable. With a direct USB connection, you can still enjoy the benefits of Mix to Mobile’s audio streaming capabilities.

  • How high is the audio quality of the streams?

    When you use Mix to Mobile to stream audio to your mobile device, the audio is sent in a lossless format. If the sample rate of your digital audio workstation (DAW) matches the sample rate of your mobile device, no conversion will happen. However, if the sample rate of your DAW is different from that of your mobile device, the audio will be automatically converted without any noticeable loss of quality. This conversion process is seamless and transparent, allowing you to enjoy high-quality audio streaming regardless of the sample rates of your devices.

  • Why is Mix to Mobile asking for my license key every month?

    It’s a bug which has been fixed. Please update to the latest version (link).

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