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Remote Listen to your audio channels

Listen Remote enables you to remote control you MotU AVB device. This makes it possible and easy to walk away from the audio sources and still be able to select which channels to listen to.

Control, patch, mute

Listen Remote allows you to select which channels to listen to on each bus. Additionally Listen Remote can control the routing of the Motu allowing you to change the patch of audio channels. When the Motu sits in between the sources and your mixer, changing the patch will be transparent for whoever is mixing the show. Likewise, input can be muted as well.

Chat to your peers

Listen Remote has a chat box which is shared across all connected clients. This makes it easy to quickly type something to your peers. If you’re in a hurry then there are macro’s which are predefined pieces of text.


Server & Client

macOS 10.13 and up



Server & Client

Windows 10 and up




iPadOS 12.0 and up


How it works

The technical stuff

Listen Remote is both a server and client on desktop and a client on iOS. Multiple clients can connect to a single server and the server controls a Motu AVB device over the network.


When a user makes a change, the state of the Motu will be updated to reflect the change. This makes it possible to walk away from wherever your audio sources are, and control the routing from a distance.


At the moment Listen Remote works exclusively with Motu AVB devices (that’s where we started), but we have plans to make Listen Remote a standalone desktop solution which uses your CoreAudio devices, including Dante, Ravenna and more.

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Question away

  • Do I need a MotuAVB device?

    Yes. At the moment Listen Remote works exclusively with Motu AVB devices. We’re planning on adding support for a standalone mode where Listen Remote will use your CoreAudio devices including Dante, Ravenna and more.

  • On how many devices can I activate Listen-Remote

    Each license comes with 3 activations which allows you to use the server on 3 different machines. The client capabilities can be used without limitations.

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