We’re excited to share the latest updates for Mix to Mobile, designed to enhance your audio mixing for mobile devices by bringing standalone sender and receiver applications to your desktop. 

Mix to Mobile is a set of plugins and applications that enable real-time audio streaming to mobile devices, allowing you to mix on mobile devices in real-time and achieve better results more efficiently.

What’s new

Standalone receiver app     
The new standalone desktop receiver application allows you to effortlessly reference check your mix on another laptop or PC. This helps you understand how your mix translates across different speakers, ensuring your mixes sound great everywhere.

Standalone sender app
Our new standalone desktop sender application lets you stream audio directly from any device onto the network without a DAW. This feature simplifies your workflow, making it easier to share and stream audio seamlessly.


Effortless Firewall Configuration
We’ve added a button that automatically sets firewall rules, configuring the Windows firewall to allow all traffic to and from Mix to Mobile. Now you can focus on mixing without worrying about technical setups.

Free upgrade

This is a free upgrade for existing Mix to Mobile users. The receiver app is (and will always be) free, while the sender app requires a perpetual one-time license. All apps and plugins are included.

To upgrade or install all the apps and plugins, just download the latest installer (v1.5.0):